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I was only talking to a client yesterday about this very issue. I've seen it on another system but as far as I am aware it is not available on Shopify. They assume that you will want to sell the product at the same price in-store and online.The only ...
I've been uploading to sites all day without problem. Is it your local firewall software that is causing the problem? Have you tried a different browser to see if the problem happens on there too?
Well it depends on the definition of being hacked? A compromised password can be prevented by implementing Two-step authentication. As for pure hacking through compromised code etc I would like to think that the Shopify team have robust systems in pl...
I have yet to come across any vendors that offer Shopify compatible gift cards. My clients use one of two options:1. Buy Gift Cards from Shopify2. Have custom printed wallets to hold a gift voucher from the receipt printer.
These are called Sitelinks and there is no option with Google to change these, they are automated.
The Toddler is failing because you have duplicate size values on the same colour, the email confirming the import will give you details of where the error is occuring e.g. Line 2-34: Validation failed: The variant 'MedGrey / 2T' already exists. Pleas...
'Incorrect HS code. Check the numbers and try again' would normally refer to the harmonisation code in the shipping section > customs information in the product. Have you checked this? To be honest the WYSIWYG editor isn't the best and I would always...
Not sure I understand what you mean by 'built website for me for Shopify'? Do you mean the built a Shopify template for you? If so then you import it into the template section under Online Store.
Do you have a value in the handle field on every line in the csv. The handle needs to be the same for the main product line and then on each variant line or these will not import properly.Download the sample file here for an example
Hey Caela, So are you trying to verify the domain in Shopify?Who do you have the domain registered through as you will need access to the DNS for the domain to make a few changes.
You will not get a signup box in the header unless you have one of the following: Theme supports itCustom CodeAn appCustom CSS is for CSS display changes not for custom code.
Shopify Help is an amazing resource, you'll find most stuff you need there :
Have you checked the dates set for the code? Have you cut and paste the code so you get the format right? Alternatively have you also tried the special link for the code to see if that works?I would need to look at the setup to advise further, can yo...
See this article To do this you will likely need to set this field up as a product metafield 
This certainly is available in Shopify; you just need to set up separate shipping zones for the locations. I believe the only one that isn't available is Scottish Highlands, but you can certainly do it for Northern Ireland and the Isle Of Man.
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