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Is there any way that the recaptcha after login can be disabled? I don't see any point in this whatsoever - except for irritating customers!! When customers sign up they have to verify their accoun...
Hi! Does anyone know how to unlink products from Eprolo? I've tried changing the SKU, supplier, warehouse, etc, but nothing seems to work. I want to be able to stop Eprolo from picking up products t...
Is there any ways that I can change the code behind the {% if section.settings.enable_payment_button %} {{ form | payment_button }} {% endif %} Notably I am looking to change the form. It ...
Hi, I'm trying to insert my own code as HTML into a section on my Supply theme as the slideshow that's there by default doesn't work the way I want it. When I view the page in a browser when testing ...
Hello fellow shopfiers! I have set my inventory to be managed by Shopify, but for some reason Oberlo keeps changing the inventory on me! Thus my products keep going out of stock and I can't manage ...
Hi fellow shopifiers!! I want to know if it's possible to remove the theme from a certain page? I just want to have a "clean" page that shows up on my site without all the other stuff that is there ...
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When was it restricted to US and  CA? I installed this channel a while ago and I've just gone into it again and it is telling me...This sales channel is not compatible with your storeMicrosoft Channel is only compatible with stores that:Have a busine...
Actually, it's deprecation, not depreciation - totally different things.I'm sure it's not too hard for Shopify to release a new theme without the scss so that we can download and test the new theme before launching.There must be a reason why they're ...
Hi, when I'm in the code editor, I'm getting the message that SCSS is being deprecated. But, why is it that my theme is still using SCSS? It's the minimal theme so it is provided by Shopify, yet it hasn't been updated to match their rules!!I've chang...
You can it's the name of the blog section - so you can call it somethingelse. Just go to Online store > blogs > manage blogs and you should have a"news" section there.
There's a real serious problem here that Shopify needs to address asap. This is because, as I've just found out from my Google Ads guys is that last year Google stopped crawling pages where the URL contained the word blog. This was a decision taken b...
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