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Bio: Hello - I'm an idea man, entrepreneur, and traveler, among other things. I like me. I hope that one day we have that in common.

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I've read all the posts on this forum about Google Analytics 4 and how Shopify doesn't support it yet (because they only accept UA tags). Some suggested that we can manually install the code into ou...
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I apologize, but I don't have time to do a video. And plus, seeing it in action on my theme may not translate exactly to your theme. There's unfortunately going to be an unlimited amount of ways to do this depending on your particular theme and app s...
Hello - I did not add 6 variants. Technically there's just one product (6-pack) with no variants. Instead I simply added 6 dropdown fields to the product template, each with six flavor options. Someone could choose six different flavors, or the same ...
Hi SY - I did not end up using an app. My comment above outlines the steps I took using only 6 dropdown menus with our flavors. You can also see this solution in action on the website I linked to above. I re-read my answer and all the information you...
I'm now experiencing similar vendor spam on one of my sites, but after /collections/all What code can we enter into our headers to set any filters / pages created after a genuine collection path as noindex? For example... GOOD:
Hi @EFOLI-Emilia7  -  The manual solution I described above ended up working just fine for the client, so we're keeping that as-is. However thanks for bringing your app to my attention. I hope that it helps other folks who find this thread (and poten...
It's a known issue that importing a CSV file can break your image associations and delete your images. I learned this the hard way. In this post I'm going to share what causes it, how to avoid it, and how to fix it if it's already happened.What Cause...
This is unfortunately tough to diagnose without looking into the backend of the site. There's clearly a problem with your meta titles and descriptions, which could be a result of an SEO app you're using, or two apps conflicting with one another or yo...
One Tree Planted is awesome! Regarding the widget though -- sometimes things like Ad Blockers or apps that speed up your site by minifying your Javascript/CSS conflict with embed code like that. You might also have just input the code in the wrong pl...
Can you share two of the URLs that the report said had duplicate title tags so we can take a look?
Hi Max - Thanks for the reply. The bundle apps available would not be ideal because their setup would require each spice to be its own product, and the bundle to be a separate product. However we do not sell the spices individually, only in packs of ...
We have 6 flavors of spices that we want to sell as a 3-pack or 6-pack and let customers choose the quantity of each flavor to go in each pack. What's the best way to do this? Each flavor has to be associated with a variant for keeping track of inven...
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