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Hey @hareshreconvert    Unfortunately there's no API exposing this. Currently the only approach is to let the merchant choose. Have passed along this thread to the checkout folks.
Hey @Paul112    Other things to check: - Content-Type should be `application/json`. - Be sure to set a `X-Shopify-Access-Token` header with your access token. - Body should look like this: {"query": "{ shop { name }}"}   Maybe try a simple query (lik...
Hey @AV_SL    Thanks for checking in. It's moved over to the Cart team. I've just asked them for an updated and should hear back overnight.
Hey @EstoreAutomate    Unfortunately this information isn't available via the API.
Hey @BusyginArtem    Unfortunately not. Here are the areas you can build on.
Hey @Paul112    I suspect this is a HTTP error - can you confirm the endpoint you're hitting? Also double checking you're POSTing?
Hey @samuel_webster_    That's strange, it should be escaped. How are you parsing the JSON? Can you try/confirm with ?
Hey @victor_dyode_88    Sure, here's how:
Hey @rodito    No podrá crear carritos publicando en la API AJAX desde otro dominio. Para ello, puede utilizar la API Storefront para crear carritos y luego redirigir a los clientes al proceso de pago.
Hey @johndev23    It's tricky to debug without seeing your code, but hopefully this subscription example code can unblock you:
Hey @dylangrant    A description change should trigger a product update notification.   > how do I get a list of my subscriptions so I can delete old onesTry the webhookSubscriptions query:
Sorry for the bumsteer, @DavidBeuy,  there was a typo in my code - you're correct, it should be double curly braces. {{ handle }}.   Some handy liquid docs:
Hey everyone,   Just heard back - there's a team working on resolving this. Thanks for all the reports.
Hey @remy1604    Please reach out to Partner Support with the store details/examples.
Hey @Lucifer4    I guess it's all tradeoffs - depending on your use case, consider using private metafields or keeping settings in your database.
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