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Hello, I started my first ever website/store selling home & kitchen items with focus in eco-friendly products. Any honest feedback on the site would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much in a...
Hi Everyone, has anyone experience displaying problem with Minimal Mobile Theme? The problem is such that the page is loaded off centered (shifted to the left) or loaded with overly zoomed out. See p...
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Thank you for the explanation. I was able to get the result that you provided.
Hi @LitExtension Thank you for your suggestion but it doesn't appear to work.This is what I got after adding the code into theme.css.liquid.What did I do wrong or miss? Thank you so much in advance for your time. 
I'm using Minimal theme and have a couple products that have 2 or 3 variants. I'd like to display the variant selectors onto one row/line instead of one line per variant.Anyone have experience adjusting the code on the product template or theme css o...
Guys, I'd recommend you to re-submit the https sitemap as I received email that it is fixed and indeed mine is fixed now. If resubmit didn't work for you, then I think you may want to contact Bing. Hope this helps
@tobygen I have the same as what Joshua's post and Google also approves it. I have gtag in theme and gtag in checkout script. You need to create test case as Joshua suggested in order to have it verified or have an actual sale that goes all the way c...
@tobygen Joshua is correct, Shopify screw us up. Without that repetitive code, it will NOT work. I check with Google team directly.
Hi @Josh_Uebergang , I have a question for you. I read your blog at'm a little confused on why you have the gtag.js code in the checkout script instead of the theme.cs as Shopify...
All, I want to share the email exchanges that I'm in the middle with both Bing support team and Shopify team.1st response from Bing:Thank you for the patience during our investigation, This is to inform you that when Bingbot is trying to crawl the si...
Eugene, I don't know. How do one verify and confirm that?Thank you for your input and guide. 
Hi, I'm a newbie particularly on this SEO and indexing subjects.Do I understand your latest post correctly that it is equivalent and working to submit the sitemap using http:// instead of https:// because using https:// will actually result in 403 er...
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