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Hi I have a online store selling clothing and have a warehouse in Minnesota. I know Minnesota don't tax on clothing. However, I've noticed that my store ONLY tax customers who are based in&n...
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THANK YOU SO MUCH! It totally worked but I have another question, I found out that when I click the "Filter By" button the filter section is just blank, it should have all my filter options there in black text. 
This currently theme is not publish yet, but i can share a preview here
Hi I want to change text color on the filter only on my Sense theme. And I know I probably need to make the change on the coding but just don't know how exactly I can do this.  Thank you! 
Trying to purchase an international UPS label and no matter want I do this message keep showing up "A system error has occurred and is being investigated."   I ship with UPS at least 3 times per month and never had this issue. I also tried to ship th...
I reach out to customer service. So it turn out there are the requirements for a package to qualify for First Class Package International shipping, which is very weird cause all my default packages for International First Class still work like 5 days...
Trying to ship to Japan and Singapore but the Fist Class Mail option isn't showing. Didn't so any shipping setting changes and just sent out few First Class packages few day ago to Japan. Anyone experience the same issue? 
Hi there, Just wondering, can I not charge my EU/UK customers VAT and have them pay the duty when they receive the package? This is what I have been doing before the new VAT measurements, but I see somewhere that Shopify will automatically update tax...
I found out that if you are selling via marketplace like Etsy, eBay and Amazon. They will provide you an IOSS number, collect VAT for you AND pay the VAT for you. With Shopify, you have to register IOSS yourself, and report your sale/VAT to EU like e...
I'm very confuse with this new rules in-place, since English isn't my first language. Can anyone correct me if I'm wrong?  From my understanding a US selling will have to collection VAT if the order amount is lower than Euro150 or this is optional?If...
Hi @Oliver  Unfortunately, my UK order is still showing me the same thing "1 shipping label couldn’t be purchased. Fix the errors for each order and try again." "A system error has occurred and is being investigated." I've already refresh my browser,...
All of my shipping labels still function but I got two packages shipping to UK are showing me "A system error has occurred and is being investigated" since yesterday. My other packages shipping to Canada and Japan still let me print out the labels? A...
It happened to me, some of the items in the collection didn't show up on the website. I tried to created another collection dedicated to the ones aren't showing and it didn't even show on the website. What ended up works for me is that I add items in...
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