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Hello! This is my first ever dropshipping store and I would really love feedback on it. Positive, negative, anything you have to say. This could be about the design, the products...
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Alright.  Thank you all.  The ultimate purpose of this site was to teach me about the whole process and business in general.  Is $2000 an average on how much you need to test before getting any results?  I have always heard that if you spend more tha...
What budget would you recommend?  $100 is just a self-imposed budget and isn't concrete for me.  Also, do you have any recommendation to make the store beyond average?  Thanks a lot for the advice.
Just letting you know, your link does not connect.  Have you connected the domain properly?  I am new to dropshipping as well.
As a new dropshipper, I have definitely had a difficult time.  I have spent quite a bit of $$ marketing some failing products and am only left with $100 in my advertising budget.  From what I can tell, I think this last product should be better than ...
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