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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has found a work around for having bundles & also being able to still have discount codes available in the cart. We have packages for 3 items to discount them i...
Hi we are looking at changing our current customer service channeling into 1 solution. We are looking to have phone, chat, email and social all in one platform and want something that seamlessly inte...
Hi I'm looking for an app that will show stock availability at our different store locations. It doesn't need to be exact numbers just a simple indication would be good. Green for high levels of stoc...
Hi, This should be a super straight forward solution. I currently have a list of buttons & I want to add a customisable hover color to the schema. I cannot for the life of m...
Hi, Can anyone tell me what this is? It pops up when I go to try to add a new section "Invalid type value for block '15949431889" Cheers
Hi I want to create a nested footer menu for mobile one. I've attached a screenshot as to what I want, it's similar to what we have for our mobile side nav. Here is the code, is there ...
Hi I currently have a mega menu in the footer & want to condense on mobile by adding plus icons for drop downs Here is an example If someone could help that would be greatly appreciated Be...
Hi, So I currently have a section called product-features which I want to duplicate to have on my landing page as well. So from what I've read I need to create a dynamic section from the stat...
Hi so I want to create something like this to show the customer how much they are saving. I'm not sure how to go about it. - Is there code I...
Hi, I want to change which sidebar menu I have for the different blogs I have. Would I use an iteration for this and what would I use? Currently, I have: <ul> {%...
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Hi everyone! We have an app that hosts an upsell popup and also an embed in the product page. Recently, we had a cart slider built using Ajax which interferes with how it works.  The app has been fantastic for us in the past but unfortunately, they b...
Hey is there any chance you could have a look at our website? Message me privately & I'll give you a bit more background. Cheers!
Hi I would love to give this a go! our current site is running extremely low. If you could send the link through that would be great! Are there any reviews on how it has been working
Hi,  I don't have a feature-row.liquid file, but I have added it to the liquid file for the correlating section on my home page.   As you can see it appears on the side but the banner on the website is not clickable.   Is there any way to fix this?
Hi,I'm wanting to make one of my sections ( promotion: Image with text ) on the home page clickable.I've added this to the schema code for the section : {"type": "url","id": "link","label": "Link"},It's currently not working is there any way to fix t...
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