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An increasing amount of customers are not using their email addresses when checking out. They are using their cell phone numbers. All the order tracking apps I've looked at have the customer...
I had to spend hours on chat with support to find out that it is not possible to change the "ship from" address on Shopify shipping labels. When I started my Shopify store, I did not ha...
We need a way to respond to customers in Ping while on our desktop computers. I know that I am on my computer most of the day and it would be much easier to reply to Ping messages while on m...
I have an issue with the padding/justification of my header. The menu is justified right and there appears to be significant padding around the logo. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? ...
It must be too early because my search term only brought up one app - I'm not exactly sure what to search for. Does anyone have a recommendation on an app for this? Free is p...
It was brought to my attention that Shopify is performing gateway testing on merchant websites by reducing the number of checkout options seen by shoppers, specifically, removing all payment methods ...
I have automatic collections and have them set to only show products when inventory is greater than zero. However, I've noticed that some of the products within that collection are checked t...
I’m having an issue with uploading my XML file to Pinterest in order to have shoppable pins. The error message is this: "Your feed file has an XML formatting issue. Make sure you are not missing a ta...
I've got rouge items appearing in my collections. I've tried to exclude them by using "does not contain" but they are still showing up. How can I fix this? Please see image - they are set to "all con...
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@DeJoy  - thank you for your responsiveness to feedback. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need beta testers: I'm happy to help!Once this has been active on my site for a while, I will review it. Thanks!
Thank you for the clarification. Are there plans to add collections instead of tags for the customer subscription options? Thank you!  Also, alerts via SMS as well as choosing daily, weekly or immediate emails? 
Again, I do not see any setting for justification of the app in the customize settings, either: please see the attached image. Also, why does the video show the ability to change font and that is not present in my dashboard settings? Is that only a "...
@DeJoy I did watch the video and I do not have anything in "settings" that allows me to adjust the font or the justification of the section. What I mean by justification is if it's centered, left, or right justified on the page. Please see the attach...
@DeJoy  I installed this over the weekend and the execution is awful. I can't change any of the settings for the section on the page where I put it  (justification, etc.) and I do not have an option to edit the email template available on the free pl...
I've found nothing for this and still need it also. 
Why does my "VIP access only" area disqualify me from the "Shop" app? This is counter-intuitive. I'm building brand loyalty and Shopify is penalizing me for this? WHY? 
@Adithya_Kavulur I've sent you an email.Thank you!
@Adithya_Kavulur I'd like to be part of your testing program, if I could. Is there a way I can reach out outside of this forum?
@Alphha_team The link is non-functional. Please provide a website link. Thank you!
@ParisaMosadegh  Please re-read my message again. I do NOT need restock alerts. 
@Tira I would like customers to be able to get alerts immediately, daily or weekly (their choice) of new items that are added to my website. This feature is available on Etsy - if a customer "follows" you, they get notifications whenever new stock is...
I'm looking for an app that will allow customers to sign up to receive alerts when new products are added to my website. I know that several e-commerce sites have a function like that but I'm not finding anything for this. Can anyone assist?Thank you...
I have almost 1000 products. We shouldn't have to pay for GMC to have a working way to get Pinterest to recognize Shopify feeds. 
What are you using for the data url on Pinterest?
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