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Hi, We have two different inventory locations. Assuming both have different profiles/rates. If a customer adds 1x product from location A and 1x product from location B, would the c...
Hi, So We are glad to hear Shopify have finally allowed merchants to set shipping rates across zones - which can be used to set specific rates for specific product groups. Good news! ...
For some reason, OUR websites kicks the client back to the HOMEPAGE whenever they select "Desktop site" in their Chrome browser. On every other site, it just reloads the page the user is on. But o...
Hi, I've seen some Shopify outlets integrating a very nifty Klarna repayments "calculator) (essentially just shows your monthly repayment amounts) on their product pages. I can't find a placeme...
Hi guys, We don't have any knowledge of "mpn" from our suppliers. We don't know if that's because MPNs don't exist for those products, or because our supplier doesn't know them and we can't ...
Hi, When we do an export, we aren't seeing payments that came via a third-party platform like Klarna or PayPal appearing, which means we then need to manually get them and add them. ...
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Does no one want to respond to this? Where are Shopify representatives? 
Hi,Does anyone have an opinion on this? Silence as always from this place I see... 
Hi,We successfully fulfilled an order to the tune of £500+ in early March.It is now 26th May and we are horrified to learn that the customer filed a chargeback claim for the order and as always, Shopify (being the devils that they are) are withholdin...
Anyone out there? *Cues x files music*
Hi, Where can we get the "last updated" data for updates to blog posts? Want up extend our structured schema data to support this, but not sure if/where Shopify records this info? Thanks, My Scoot
I cannot work out why three different blog posts yield three different "share images" (i.e. when sharing the blog on social media or Slack etc), when all the JSONLD schema set up is the same, which you'll see if you run them through Google's Structur...
Thanks guys - great responses. @Merryn - "do you want to use rules to automatically exclude out-of-stock products from your feed? " - I believe G SHopping feed does this automatically if a product is no longer in stock. That's what is showing me in m...
I'd also like confirmation from someone that this is a non-issue. The first Shopify response above says it isn't a problem, but then documents a solution...  
Hi Jon, Really appreciate that reply. Makes things a lot clearer now, thank you!  
Thanks for the reply @Jon.Without wanting to belittle them, could you give me an idea as to what they offer?
Guys I'm pretty new to this, but I'm wondering if Shopify stores nowadays still need apps like https://apps.shopify.com/google-shopping-feed, given there's now a Google Merchant Centre app (https://apps.shopify.com/google-shopping) in Shopify that au...
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