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Bio: Former social worker turned Freelance Web Dev + Shopify Expert.

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I've been on the expert marketplace for a couple weeks now and honored to have made it here! I'm curious about best practices or what is the "norm" so far, as my only experience with Shopify before w...
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Looks like you're using a theme that has been modified and it is looking for that specific snippet. If you're modifying the code yourself, you should be able to find a snippet that says something like: {% render 'quantity-breaks-now' %} Easiest thing...
If you want to support HTML in a given section, you can add the Liquid input as these support HTML in addition to Liquid:
As far as if there is a chance where some classes will appear in the inspect window (what gets rendered to the page) and not available in source code, yes. This happens for a variety of reasons in Shopify. The first, in themes, is if we're using Liqu...
You can find any support docs on your theme here,, or use the link directly in your customizer to get support on any given theme. However, adding a custom font requires you t...
This isn't necessarily a bad thing, no. The reason this happens or I guess maybe that you're seeing this all of a sudden is you've probably relatively recently updated to Online Store 2.0 from a vintage theme or have only just started utilizing store...
Had this happen with a merchant recently as well. Not surprising, but was GoDaddy - which seems to be a common link here. Would recommend you update all passwords for access to GoDaddy and make sure you've got multi-factor authentication setup as wel...
Have you altered your own robots.txt file at all?Can you provide an example of the handle that's being blocked that you're concerned about? You don't need to include your domain, just the handle (everything after
Have you tried clearing your filters? If you're using search in the product view, I've found the new UI is very easy to accidentally apply/leave filtered views up in which case if you're search doesn't support the filter it's a problem. Otherwise, I'...
This works great. Also don't forget about the Github integration - this works really well and Github's online search is pretty fantastic.
The search option is to search file names, not file content. There are some options out there to search for content in all files, but think of that search option more like a filter match for the file name. What are you trying to achieve?
In case anyone else is running into this, the consensus is no this is not doable and would also be ill-advised considering the data that is stored here.
I am working in a store that has an FAQ section. The previous developer set this up for the merchant to add new questions/responses to FAQ through a custom section. This was a clever implementation, but not helpful in that it doesn't seem that the va...
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