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@Circosa -  Ah, I see. If there are no payment gateways available in your region, I'd suggest a manual payment method such as e-transfer.  In regards to contacting our support team, you'll first want to head here and login to your store. Once you've ...
Hey, @CACAPTAINS! That's correct - from that page, you'll want to search for a topic (any search term works), and then click on "Continue" under "Get support". Hope that helps! 
Hey, @CACAPTAINS! We're currently experiencing an issue with the channel where merchants are experiencing a time out session. Our developers are aware of this and are currently working towards a fix. We'd like to have your issue sent up to our techni...
Hey, @Circosa.  I'm sorry to hear you weren't approved for their gateway. Though I'd definitely suggest using the other methods available to you, I can definitely understand if closing the store is the best thing for your business at this time. I'm a...
Hi, @nguyenhongson! Please contact our support team, and they can go over some questions with you to see if you're eligible to apply for an exemption. 
Hi, all!  @fmcl - You can find many alternatives to the thank you email in your admin - you can use the basic order confirmation email that Shopify sends out, however if this isn't satisfactory you can use Shopify Email manually or a different email ...
Hi, @mariakorh! The pause and build plan can certainly work with annual billing, however you will need to re-select the annual option after downgrading (as it will reset to monthly after making the change). As for what you've pre-paid already, the di...
@ryan333 - Thanks for trying that! Do you have any other mobile devices you could try on, to see if you have the same issue there? As well, is your iPhone currently on the latest iOS update? 
Hi, @ryan333! Just to confirm, are you able to login on the desktop site without any issues? Can you please try deleting the app and re-installing it? Cheers.
Hey, @sophia12! Are you also having an issue with your products not showing up on your collection page? When you visit the collection under Products > Collections in your admin, are you able to view the products there? 
@bradeni - Okay, great. In that case, you should be able to set it up as long as you meet the requirements listed here.
Hi, @bradeni! You can find out more about Shopify Payments and setting it up here. What country are you located in?  
Hey, @Seal-Extrusions! The app is being sunset as most of it's marketing capabilities are now built directly into your admin (it was built in a time when this wasn't the case). You should be able to find everything you need for marketing without the ...
Hi, @GLEZANT! Debut is developed by Shopify, so if you need help with it you'll want to contact our support team. They can send an escalation to our Themes team for you if it is needed. May I ask what you need help with? 
Hi, @dnunez1! As it's working in Safari, you most likely just need to clear your Google Chrome cache and cookies. You can find steps on how to do that here. I'd also recommend making sure you have the most recent update of the browser as well. Hope t...
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