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Bio: I work at large online retailer and my job is to develop the best online experiences for our customers. I've been working with Shopify for around 4 ye...

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Hi @Shay, Any update from the dev team about this issue? 
Thank you @Shay , I appreciate you looking into this and for keeping me updated. 
Hi @Alvy , I just checked in the Shopify backend if this is possible and I can confirm it is (see screenshot), it would just be a matter of entering the domain in the Shopify backend and following the instructions to setup a CNAME record on your doma...
Thanks @SpeedyDev, This is not a theme issue but rather an issue with the underlying way storefront filters work, I can't seem to reach out to an actual developer who works at Shopify so thought these forums might be my best bet.  
Hi @SpeedyDev , I'm currently running this on a dev store, however it can be replicated on all storefront 2.0 themes and is not specific to my store. Below is a theme I have picked from the theme store, go to a collection and apply a list filter like...
I think I found some bugs/missing features when using storefront 2.0 filtering, specifically with the price range filter. Firstly the price range values do not get updated when applying filters. Here's an example: Here is a screenshot of my filters w...
Hello! I want to build a "only show products in stock" filter using the GraphQL Admin API. I can do this when I use the products root query like this, which is exactly what I want/need: products(query:inventory_total<1) { title, description }...
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