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Does anyone know what Groove is? It has suddenly appeared in my Admin/Products/Sales Channels (only in the individual product pages, not in the general Sales Channel area) I have not asked for...
Apologies; can't seem to see if this has been discussed before. Basically, I'm setting up discount codes in advance of BFCM. Depending on the Collection, it will be 10% or 20% discount...
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Still happening - has happened to me maybe 5 times this morning.  
Thank you JPHB85 - have added my 2 cents to that thread too.  It is immensely annoying and frustrating.
This has been happening to me since Christmas.  Initially maybe 1-2 times x day but the frequency is increasing - I think I've had to log back in circa 10 times so far today.  I am losing work and losing time having to repeat that work.  It is incred...
Me too.  For the last week or so, as you say.  I have followed the cache clearing instructions, but it keeps happening.  Really annoying when you are in the middle of something.
Hi - am trying to do the same thing, but using the Tags function is not working.  I have maybe 5 distinct Product Categories - I don't want to market Category A type products to a customer who only ever buys Category B type products, as it's irreleva...
Is there anybody out there from Shopify POS Support willing to actually look at this?  The issue is ongoing.  My time spent with a POS support agent amounted to nothing - TBH I didn't feel she even understood the issue, despite copious amounts of sym...
Pretty much this.  It works well otherwise, to be fair, but this is a big and basic issue.  The products do need to be grouped by variant online, otherwise it's a poor experience for a customer, but POS should really be able to return the specific it...
So, I've spent the last hour on with a very nice lady from Shopify POS support, but I feel even more like tearing my hair out.  The first suggestion was to issue a whole bunch of replacement barcodes.  I have THOUSANDS of items, approx 70% are varian...
No update from anyone.  I wonder if there's a Shopify POS team who can help?  Off to check.. 
That would be fantastic, thank you!
Wonder if any of you using the Shopify POS system have any ideas on this?  When we scan an item at the till, if it's a variant of a series of that particular product, the whole list of variants appears on-screen.  The issue I have is that our staff c...
OMG, why does Shopify change perfectly good functionality?  This is really annoying and frustrating.  It worked FINE before.  I sell a course on my store every Saturday morning for limited numbers (5 at a time).  I used to be able to look at a glance...
Exactly the same issues here with a lot of my products - seeing the "GTIN missing" message when the GTINs have been completed & are correct, and also "GTIN required" when I have ticked the Custom Product box which should indicate that there IS no GTI...
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