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@Maralyce they have refused to answer on this thread for weeks.  The only way is to contact Shopify chat. I'm still in touch with one and they are still trying to fix it.  I've been forwarding these comments that people leave so that they are aware i...
It definitely seems to be getting worse these past couple days. It had slowed down for a few days, but it's back with a vengence.
I have an open chat with one that understands what is happening, and I continue to forward new messages like these to him to prove it is still happening.
@TheYakYarnery OMG the variants! I already complained to my chat person and was given the same BS 'thank you for your input' crap.  It is yet another STUPID change that just makes our lives more difficult.  I swear their developers all need to be fir...
They sent me a message last night claiming it was fixed.... but it still happened to me already this morning.
@bloodyrosebtq it truly is! the summer update was by far the worst of the worst.  I cannot believe all of the terrible changes they make to make things 'clean looking'. we won't want clean, we want EASY TO USE. And yet when you tell them all of these...
@jaylaiche my question is why did you remove our ability to scroll to edit variants all at once, like common sense would dictate. It was like this for years. Now I have to go through 3 separate pages.  It is yet another thing Shopify has done to make...
@TheYakYarnery interesting. I spoke with another chat person today, and they said they are still working on a fix but didn't have a timeline since it is a 'complex issue' related to how logins are stored in their system.  The system that does it supp...
@matttttt33 There is a known issue that @Shopify  is refusing to acknowledge is a problem on their side.  Ever since the update it is logging people out constantly - across all browsers, several devices etc.  Even if you are in the middle of actively...
@RGWELD @LoraineIreland @4everboundbooks @RustandRuffles  you guys might want to add on to this other chat where people are discussing.  Maybe if we all come together on one, Shopify will actually listen for once.
@TheYakYarnery You are not alone. @shopify refuses to acknowledge there is a problem for the past few weeks.  It is not you.  Below is another thread if you want to add on there, and maybe get them to listen.
@Hobbies mine does seem to be getting worse. It has told me to login twice in the last 10 minutes while I was actively doing things on it.
@Victor @Shopify is anyone ever going to help?  your chat certainly isn't.
@Jane_Bartel I have a feeling there are a lot of people having this problem.  I know others personally are.  But most people don't know this discussion board even exists.
@Mac this was just now. In the middle of actively editing products - I never left the page or computer.  It gives me this 'leave page' (when I didn't try to leave), then goes to the login screen and loses everything I was working on.  Your chat team ...
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