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I would love to know this too!
Hi @Carlo_Hive365  - I'm interested in adding the TikTok social icon to my Turbo theme (7.0.0).  I know that the latest version of Turbo (8.3.0) now offers TikTok, so I'm wondering if this means that it's now part of the Turbo "font".  I see that in ...
Hi @Mylikemall Thank you for your reply. Roughly this is what I used to do in previous versions of the theme, but for some reason it does not work in Turbo 7.0.0.  When I add the custom section I created (or one of the already-existing theme sections...
Hi all I'm using a slightly older version of the OOTSB Turbo theme (7.0.0), because the newer versions are buggy and too many issues.  The downside of this is that I cannot add sections (such as featured collection, text with image etc) to pages such...
Here is my store URL with mega menu. I'm using Turbo 8.3.0: https://r9eetwwsywym42pf-981565492.shopifypreview.com 
Hi there I'm using the OOTSB Turbo theme and having an issue with the mega menu on mobile. I would like the mobile mega menu to "open out" when a user clicks on the parent text. Right now, the user has to click on the tiny arrow to the right of the t...
Hi Pacnorwesty - did you ever find a solution to this? Unfortunately OOTSB made the mega menu headers unclickable on mobile from around update 7.1.0 onwards - so frustrating! In older theme versions they were clickable. So poor for usability - I have...
Jack524, have you (or anyone else) managed to find a solution to this, so that the amount of the instalment dynamically changes when you select another variant with a different price?
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