Hi How can I un-merge or separate the header and logo from the slideshow on the homepage. Is there a different setting that I am missing?Or is the only option- "Shown on Slidesh...
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I’m going to try and offer a coupon for free digital downloads but keep the price at $1. I’ll let you all know if that works 路‍♀️
There are multiple threads on this with 100s of customers affected. Imagine the number who haven’t reported it! @Shopify  you need to step up and protect your customers. This is not harmless as it is wasting our time and energy. 
Same here Ben. I offer free digital downloads and it is an incentive for people to invest in our store. 
I use Klaivyo and Digital Downloads. This has been going on for months and it’s difficult to find actual abandoned carts. I’ll deactivate Klaivyo and see what happens. 
I am …. Could that be the issue? 
Wow I didn’t realize we are all getting spammed by the same bot! Checking out that convo 
I’m having the same problem. 25 abandoned carts created 2 x a day by this email: sfj9usfhuios@gmail.com
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