Well, something even we are seeing since the change in FB ecom system. We went from $1.90 a conversion to $26 a conversion overnight. Our ads have literally stopped working and even our FB ad support...
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a solution for the following problem. I know you can create an automatic discount to put an item in a cart if a customer hits the requirement, but I need to be able to ...
Hello, I have over 300 products and each was created with X colors and X sizes. I want to now add 3 new colors, but Shopify requires me to do 1 per color per size which means I would have th...
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Looking for a ticket app or some way to display a venue and allow customers to see what seating is still available and purchase tickets that way.
That is the answer you will get. People have given up and moved off Shopify due to this. No fix in sight. 
Custom 10 mins ago same issue. This is prob the 30th customer since Sept 22nd-ish. Customer just cleared cache and SAME ISSUE!
100% not true. Customers still today are emailing this problem.
It was RED 6 days ago and each day it has gotten better on its own.
Hey guys, I wanted to see if we can get a thread going of screenshots of emails from customers complaining they can checkout. I'd like to send more data over to Tejas from Shopify so we can find where this ghost bug is. Our customers have shared:CC f...
Seems this issue is back with OPC
Same issue but with CATALOG. META API was down last week. I think that is the issue.
FB rep literally tried lying and said they don't have datacenters in those cities. Google says otherwise. 
I've seen this question asked and also noticed Shopify reps will not touch this question with a 10-foot pole, so hoping fellow Shopify users have an idea about this.Is anyone else having MASSIVE FB data center traffic recently? These bots are messing...
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