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I was having this same issue, what worked for me was clearing my cookies. Once I refreshed I was able to interact with parts of the admin. In my case, as a developer, I was trying to use the Shopify GraphiQL App  Hope it helps!
It's been a while since this post and wonder if there has been any updates on this. I'm interested.
Update: The code above worked well within the Scripts Editor debugging tool but was less efficient in a production environment. It just shows that you can't rely on Shopify's Script Editor, is doesn't match the live environment that customers experie...
I have a Shopify Plus account so I'm able to access the checkout liquid file and add custom JavaScript. In the checkout.liquid file add:<body data-order-name="{{ }}"> // goes all the checkout form content // At the botto...
In our store we have some custom discount logic that does the following: Applies a discount code (changes line item price) "Buy X for Z" based on this Shopify Scripts example:
For us the temporary solution was to check wether exists in the data, if it doesn't we then force a page reload and it then fixes the issue. I contacted Shopify and they don't have a solution for this problem. It seems that for some customer...
Hello, We use the Checkout thank you page to send some analytics events which contain the order name and order ID. Can this new confirmation ID be accessed via liquid? the same way we can access {{ }} or {{ }} ?
Hello, We want to build a product recommendation API that allows us to recommend products of the same "product_type" in our cart page. We already have automatic discounts setup with Shopify's Script Editor that allows discounts to be applied when a u...
Up until recently I was able to update a customers metafields by using the `{shop.url}/a/custmeta` endpoint. However, it recently started to return this error:  {"status": "ERROR", "message": "global name 'SHARED_SECRET' is not defined", "traceback":...
February 2022, and this issue still exists.... We have weekly complaints from customers not being able to login with the same credentials the've always used. The login form throws a validation error of "form", which if we follow Shopify's documentati...
Hello, I've come to this thread in the search for data that would allow me to know wether the user paid using accelerated_checkout.  Was there a solution to this issue @hassain  or @KBetterReports? Thanks
I am also experiencing this issue, all of a sudden. My way of solving the problem is to disable reCaptcha in the shopify admin for login forms and then injecting the google recaptcha script in the theme and control when I want this script to be fired...
Hi, This is what I want to achieve:If a discount name exists at checkout I want to reorder my shipping methods by nameAutomatically select the first shipping method availableThe problem I'm finding:Reordering the shipping options is working when a us...
Hello,We have an app running in our store that we use to subscribe our webhooks to. We've managed to get all the webhooks to fire (this app has been running for the last 2 years) but our most recent webhook topics "customer/create" and "customer/upda...
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