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I think the issue is that you are trying to use the graphQL api in the browser (in the theme) and it needed to be used server-side (in a custom app). They do not allow this for security reasons, you could expose the api key.I've provided an alternati...
@haseebdev I think for what you are trying to accomplish you will need to create a custom app. I did find this search example which you might be able to tweak for your purposes. https://gist.github.com/atikju/0c0f3c52174f6e75809d6a86490a7da1Another t...
Hi @n-developer, I could be wrong, but based on the documentation I found it does not appear that sorting by availability via query is an option. If I had to make this happen without getting into a lot of custom coding, I would most likely create two...
Hi @haseebdev. If you send me the url I will try to get this figured out for you.
Are you wanting the entire products section to be less wide or just smaller images within each individual product card?
Hi @GeeKyuu24 The following css should give you the layout you are looking for. Place it in the section's Custom CSS field at the bottom of the section settings (I set it to only effect screens larger than 990px wide to avoid UX issues).@media screen...
@Leonpojen Just checking in to see if you had any luck with this? If it is the theme color settings as I suspect it should only take a couple minutes to click around and find the culprit. I'd be happy to take a look if that would make it easier on yo...
Hi @ashik23, For issue #1, I think you can fix your issue by creating a new template (a copy of the default template), adding the app block to the new template, and then setting any products you want to have that app block to use that template*. This...
Hi @ebo8302 I think if you add the following css to what was previously provided it should fix icons.header__search .search__button, .header__search .field__label, .header__search .reset__button { color: #000; } .header__search .reset__button:no...
I can't say for sure without seeing your settings, but it looks to me like you accidentally deleted a background color in your Theme Settings > Colors > Schemes. Below is a link to a quick walkthrough of the settings I'm referring to. You may want to...
Hi @Leonpojen, it looks as though you may have deleted a background color setting in your Theme Settings section. What theme are you using?
I am seeing some whitespace before and after the collection in some cases in the html, so the issue could be that the title of the vendor collection name has unwanted spaces saved in it, but that space may be coming from space in the liquid, not the ...
Ok, based on the code mentioned above, a couple other reasons that nothing would show would be:1) The title and vendor are not exact matches (differences in capitalization, extra space added, etc.)2) The vendor collection description is blank. If you...
The css below should update the header height for desktop devices 1200px wide or more. The header stacks below that width so it would require a different solution. Paste this at the bottom of your css file.@media screen and (min-width: 1200px){ .head...
Hi @drewhound, it looks there is a style rule in the gang-custom-css-shopify--main.css file that sets it to one product per row, but only for screens less than 425px wide. I think changing the "425" to a value of "767" or "1024" will also cause large...
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