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Context: I want to fulfill draft orders via quantities reserved by certain locations like online orders Problem: Draft orders will not have any Fulfillment Order information when I request the API ...
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Edit: Just found this => You know, this might work just fine for us as developers, but it's not quite the perfect fit for a Shopify shop owner. There's got to be a preferred way from Shop...
Have a look into:
After checking Shopify's implementation of review-app on GitHub I changed the handling of online and offline tokens accordingly. After having errors on heroku again, I removed the import of 'koa-body' and everything is working fine now.  https://gith...
have changed to re:amaze and have changed the contact page
Context: I want to register webhooks with the offline token on heroku platform with node.js (via @Shopify/shopify-api). After installing the app into the shop i retrieve the offline access token and store it into a DB. Registering webhooks on plain o...
After a few tests, I seem to have found the root cause. I need offline accessTokens and also work with them. When I switch everything back to online accessTokens, verifyRequest() works as expected and also the REST API call goes through.{ accessMode:...
@Sascha5 wrote:Shop should not be undefined, like we see it in your response.yes indeed @Sascha5thanks for your hint. Yes ctx.state.shopify is undefined.Although it was a newly set up app, I will double check it again.My version of koa-shopify-auth...
Hi @SBD_ , Thanks for taking the time again. Everything sounds understandable. Your suggestion with explicit parsing by koaBody() I find very good and I will test. This also makes the code more readable without "magic" functions.
@SBD_I used the CLI. As mentioned @rac146 's answer solved my problem, but I do not understand the reason why it is relevant where to put the bodyparser declaration. And it is not documented.
Dear @Sascha5, I've implemented your code but still get errors, when i callawait this.props.fetch(`/getScriptTags`).then((res) => { console.log("my response", res); // res.json(); });i get the response:my respo...
Hi @SBD_ ,@rac146's answer helped me. But the question is still open why the order regarding bodyparser matters. I needed 6 hours to identify the root course and to get to this thread. The behaviour is so unclear.Can you check that? That would be gre...
Hi, I have observed for three days that we receive notification mails twice via the contact page. Does someone have the same problem and how did you solve it? The double mails are a bit annoying in the inbox. Have a nice day and thanks
similar behavior in Firefox. Really annoying. Hope there will be a solution in @shopify/koa-shopify-auth soon
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