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We have a book store, online and brick and mortar, and are wanting to offer a service where someone can pay us a monthly subscription and then rent books, bring them back when they want and rent more...
We have a brick and mortar store where we sell books. We also sell them via our website. Our website charges $.50 more per book than if you visit us in the store. Currently when someo...
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Yeah considered that as well, unable to find any that would make sense, especially since it was Tag specific. It was only products with a certain Tag associated. Now I assume there are apps out there that can do that, but I do not believe we have any...
So, this may not be the correct place for it, but just curious if anyone else has experienced anything similar to this. We found that out of out 6000+ products close to 2000 dissapeared overnight, all associated with the same tag.  When contacting su...
got a link to your site? would love to check it out. maybe get some ideas.
Trying to find a way to create a subscription model for our store.We are a used book store and are looking at doing something like "for $10 a month you get 10% off all purchases"Any recommendations on best way to go about that?
We just ordered physical gift cards from Shopify and they arrived. Now what? I attempted to scan one and it just says "gift card not recognized". Do i need to manually add all these cards into the system, or what am I missing here? Thanks!
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