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Hi, I am trying to change the labels for tipping at checkout, but i can't seem to find the checkout & system page as per shopify manual. Does anyone know where to find the Checkout & ...
Hi, I have set a 10% discount code on all product but i couldn't find The discount code box is not showing on my checkout page. Please help! Regards, Yang
Hello my name's Yang and I just launched my clothing store 2 days ago. I've gotten a couple of people saying that my prices are just too high. I'm wondering if it's because these couple people ...
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Hi,I hope everyone is doing well, I have a question and I hope you guys will guide me. On Impulse theme, the original and sale price color are set in the same color by default.I want to change color Sale price to RED and original price remain in Blac...
@KetanKumar Hi,In my case , it only works on product page. but on the home page the collections are black color on both original and price on sale. Please help
Hi, I am selling digital product and have unchecked the physical product. But it is still appearing on shipping profile and shipping on checkout  page? I don't need customer to choose shipping method on checkout page. Please help.Regards,Yang   
Hi,I am running a general store and would like to run ads for 3 products. The problem is FB only allow one pixel  per account. Any other way to create more pixel? or does FB custom conversions do the same thing to track initiate checkout/ purchase?Th...
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