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Hello All, My Store name is Dotflakes. In Preference section page title is "Dotflakes: Easy Shopping for Busy Life!". It appears in Google search correctly on desktop but on mobile ( both Android an...
Hi All, Last couple of months I have had more than 3k visitors but not a single sale. Looking for feedback. Can anyone please help me figure out where the actual problem is? Any feedback is apprecia...
Hi all, We just completed our store design. Can you please review the store? We would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks Moni
Hi All, After I had uploaded my product videos on my Shopify Store I noticed that the position of play icon shows at the center of the screen on Android (ok on desktop) which is not intended. ...
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It's frustating. I think shopify doesn't care. 
In my case,  all have different email addresses with different shipping addresses from different countries, but billing addresses are same. Miami, Florida. 
That's a great question. I am looking for this answer for a long time. I have noticed that the customer order notification email preview doesn't reflect the exact email the customers receive. 
Snapchat 100% bot. It happened to me. All of my daily budget had blown up within seconds and hundreds of bots just showed up at the same time just for seconds. 
Exactly same here. 
Hi,Super simple solution. Nothing to do with coding. Just change the currency format on Shopify settings   Go to settings -> General -> CURRENCY FORMATIING  - find and change <span class=money>${{amount}} CAD</span>to${{amount}} CADAND<span class=mon...
Hi Joe,Thank you very much for you suggestion. I am gonna follow your instruction. Then let's see what happens next!Moni
Hi all,Recently I noticed that my site is loading very slow. I tried to take some measures but I get a little bit stuck. Long ago in some point I installed a bunch of apps and later on deleted due to poor performance.  I didn't know that some of them...
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