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Bio: My name is Fabio, I am a Freelance Web Developer with over 10 years experience in developing Web Applications.

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Does anyone tried to deploy the php app created with cli3 on a custom server or services like laravel forge?
As announced yesterday in Shopify changelog, the new international pricing has been introduced. I see nothing new in API (REST or GraphQL). Any news about if and when API will be extended with this ...
Hi, i am trying to access OnlineStorePage object from GraphQL but it seems not working. Also in the GraphQL App Explorer if i try to digit "online..." no autocomplete is available. So my question is:...
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I see, I imagined too that is a kind of bug on their side. Thanks for updating me and let's wait 
I am stuck in the same problem, did you find a solution?
It can depends on many things. First of all does Sunrise theme supports Online Store 2.0? If so install an Upsell app that supports it so you do not need to copy/paste code but you can add directly the app as a block from the Theme Editor. If the app...
You can do it probably with a custom app that reads Shopify customers through api and does the same for the social network you want to associate. Then for displaying the match on Shopify you can embed it with a iFrame.
You can try to change the delimiter with a online tool like this It is not the fastest way but in Shopify you cannot choose the delimiter, the only solution could be a custom app to do that.
In Partners Dashboard inside Apps inside a specific developed app it is possible to add the UA code for Google Analytics. At the moment Google supports the new version 4 and the code has a different format. It seems this is not yet supported in Shopi...
In a Shopify app with a function extension I am trying to get in the input.graphql the delivery options selected at checkout. In the docs i didn't find anything.I came up with the following. Everything works but deliveryGroups returns always a empty ...
When run "npm run deploy" it aborts due to the fact that inside the extensions folder there are files not allowed, for example  .gitkeep and DS_Store.Removing manually is not the best because they are continously autogenerated.Is there a way to ignor...
Thanks, this make sense  Do you know if metaobjects are available in liquid like metafields? Something like app.metaobjects....? This would be nice inside a theme app extension.
Hello, did you find a way to communicate with API? Thanks.F.
I'm trying the new metaobjects api. After creating a metaobject definition and creating a metaobject is it possible to relation it to a product for example? F.
Hi, did you solve the undefined session after calling loadCurrentSession? I've the same exact problem.thanks in advance.F.
Hi, I have the same problem. I implemented the storeCallback, loadCallback and deleteCallback...but I can't figure out where and how to set the ACTIVE_SHOPIFY_SHOPS. I'm using the last github repo with node and express and no more Koa and Next.
Yes you're right It doable in that way but kind of static, i mean if in the future a language must be added all schema sections must be modified, not optimal  Do you know if the section schema is accessible from Api for some manipulation? It could b...
Hi! did you manage to translate dynamic section content (ex. textareas, inputs) without an third party app?Fabio.
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