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Bio: E-commerce developer, with experience building themes, migrations, app development and more. Mostly JS, Liquid and Swift.

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When getting a page from the Online Store by ID either using the node or translatableResource queries. The handle never appears to be a resource that's available. Example GraphQL I've tried so...
Noticed the launch of Collections within the predictive search API yesterday, which is great and brings it very close to several paid for apps out there.
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I got a few of these today, here are some request IDs thrown from my app:-551495f1-22e7-449e-8fe1-3f0dfd306b7d-17121508161de06b9e-982f-4370-ad34-d17dc9aebc8b-1712150873d08f2e63-360a-4453-862e-0e855e9ac9c4-1712151616
Has there been any update to this?
With the recent addition of Admin Actions to the tools available to app developers, I was hopeful to add this to an app of mine, however there is no target for Draft Orders, only for Orders:-
Draft orders feel like a second class citizen on the platform, there are a few places within some of the developer tools where draft orders are forgotten about too.
Ok that’s cool, I’ll bench the work until the bug is fixed.I have a short term workaround of looping through all of a type of meta object and checking for a field that matches, instead (which might not scale, but hopefully the bug is fixed by then).
I doing some work on a client store, where I'm creating some new metaobjects, to take advantage of the new online store pages for them (which is great!).However I have two metaobjects that I want to link bi-directionally, but the admin UI doesn't see...
Not including the "market code" (ie en-GB) in the url causes the user to be bounced back to the default detected market. Which if someone is overseas (say in fr-FR), but has manually changed the market to their home one (en-GB) and clicks a URL witho...
The code I used would have been under NDA etc, however it used the AJAX API for the first two steps:- using the `token` value returned to create the recharge URL like this:-https://checkout.recharge...
The selection of the dropdown won't affect the API response as the API is telling you what country you are making a request from. Presumably you are in Germany or routing your internet connection via there?
It appears to have been due to the frame rate the client was using, as the original timeline was created using still images, they used 2fps to create the effect. However this causes a miscalculation in the duration with the m3u8 streaming method.Chan...
I've just upgraded a theme for a client and encountered found that the m3u8 that's generated for a product video has a different duration than the mp4 version, where it's much longer and most of it is just the last frame.m3u8 (10 mins +)The m3u8 whic...
I have an app which allows merchants to add attributes to Draft Orders and a Merchant would like to be able to display those attributes on the "Draft Order Invoice" template, however the attributes object doesn't appear to be available. Am I missing ...
I've recently updated a theme for a client using Markets to change all URLs to locale aware ones instead of hardcoded ones.However I can't find a way to do this with links within areas like Product Description text, has anyone come up with a solution...
They may have solved it by switching to this syntax for links to collections:- <a href="{{ products['handle'].url }}">Link</a> I found this worked for me and wrote a blog post about it here.You can use the same method with pages and collections if ne...
The geolocation API is not liquid based, but JS for aiquid based solution this might help that will rely on the localisation form selection rather than the IP to Geo...
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