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I contacted chat today to inquire about opening another Shopify POS account to overcome the issue of a single deposit account for Shopify POS for all of our locations.  We have one location that has a separate checking account. Thus, I am trying to w...
Did you check the sales channels to confirm you included it online?  When you view the listing from the product page, what are you seeing?
We understand "at this time".  The question does Shopify plan to make the necessary changes to the program to allow a price change in POS?  
They have an app for that.
We also need this functionality.  Adding as a custom sale causes unnecessary inventory adjustments.  PLEASE Shopify, correct this issue. 
You can set the number of receipts you want printed in  settings, printed receipts 
If it worked for one item, it should work. It will give an error message if it doesn’t. Why not change QB POS settings to allow all information to export?
In addition to the video, check the steps. They include more information. I missed one critical step left out of the video. No columns should be missing in the file you export from QB POS.  Export again, don’t change anything before uploading to Shop...
Are you using the WB Migration app?
Will the quantities by location be imported in our Quckbooks data or do we have to go in and assign to each location again?
Is this link for Shopify POS?
We are in the same boat.  I'd love to read more current user opinions from multi-store users about the pros and cons of Shopify POS system.  Unfortunately, we had just purchased new Intuit hardware, computers, etc for 3 new POS terminals in one store...
Is there a reason we do not receive notice of an update?  
I got the same from Google overnight.  /.well-known/shopify/monorail/unstable/produce_batch
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