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Hello,I have used 'customerAccessTokenCreate'  for logged in customer. For normal flow of Shopify, when submit login form it redirects to CAPTCHA and liquid 'customer' object gives all data. BUT, I am trying with Storefront API. I can get AccessToken...
Please below line of code in css file.template--cart [data-item=accent-text] { font-family: 'Lovato Regular' !important; }
 '{% if sold_out and product.type != "Uitverkocht" %}' '{% endif %}' It is correct way but little bit changes in condition to do and also it's matter where you put this condition. For my perspective, add condintion inside product loop and give one cl...
You can use below app. is providing product description translation features.
See below issue, may it useful.
Hello @ajeleven Need to create custom section based on what you are providing in Image3. Let me know if you want to do it. 
Hello Jeff,Let's connect via message. 
It's done, please check
Thank you, work on duplicate theme
Hello @Annapurna_4 ,I need to access your store to remove from code. We can not hide it using css directly. Please add me as a staff member ( in your store. 
It's by default behavior of Shopify. We can not change url parameters. 
Add below line of css in theme.scss file at bottom.template-article main#MainContent .grid__item.medium-up--one-quarter.large-up--one-fifth { display: none; }
Please below line of css in your index.css file.text-columns__content { display: flex; align-items: center; } .text-columns__content .mb3 { max-width: 100% !important; }
Contact me anytime on my email address ( and let me know if you have other works related to me.Thank you.
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