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Hi there Does anyone know how to created a slider like this website? I wanna sell my luts
Hi there! I would love some advise on my website why im not making any sale.
HI, I wanna add an hyperlink to to heading of the collection, does anyone know how to do it? thank you so much!
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Thank you! It works but all the template is lost & no blog pic is showing, is there anyway to keep the template while showing all the blogs? @oscprofessional
Like product, I can show all product by doing Navigation > Add menu item > All collections But I can't do >all categories for blogs, is there way to show all of the blogs in one page?  Thank you so much for your help.
cuz I needed the payment capture to be auto because I am selling a digital product. Fraud filter is not helpful at all for my case that is why I am using the Fraudblock apps. 
Hi thereI am using an Apps call FraudBlock Fraud Prevention to prevent fraud order. However, the Apps depends on Shopify Fraud analysis and a lot of order from Paypal are mark as high risk. Is there anyway that Shopify can improve the Fraud analysis ...
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