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Hi there,  Here's an article on this exact topic: You should really consider retargeting ads, as this ensures you're getting traffic from people who have already engaged with your products and thus are more likely to convert 
Guest blogging is a great way to build backlinks. You can find blogs to submit to if you just search: "keyword" + unurl: "guest post" There will be some submission guidelines you can follow when writing your article, and of course you'll add a link t...
Hi there Do not copy and paste product descriptions from your manufacturer. You're absolutely right with regards to Google and SEO; if you're relying on organic traffic, anything Google flags as duplicate content will negatively affect your search ra...
Hey MyScoot  Remember with feed apps you get a lot more than just your product feed. For example, you get different filtering options, label support, channel support and integrations. ShoppingFeeder is a feed app that can create your product feed not...
Hi there  Whether or not you require 3rd party apps depends entirely on your needs and goals. The app you're referring to automatically creates your product feed for Google Shopping campaigns and syncs products from your Shopify store, but you need t...
Hi Rachy  ShoppingFeeder offers a service that lets you map attributes and fields for your products to meet the requirements of the Google feed spec. You can add custom labels as needed, making it simple to group product categories for different camp...
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