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Hello, it's quite easy to do in your price.liquid file. You need to reorder code a bit. Replace : <div class="price__sale"> {%- unless product.price_varies == false and product.compare_at_price_varies %} <span class="visually-hidden ...
Hi, it's probably because it's not high in demand. You might also notice every product tab app considerably slows downs product page.
Use a default free theme made by Shopify (Dawn), no issues.
What kind of data do you want to pass? I guess custom.
Shopify automatically generates a sitemap.xml file at the root of your site. Google doesn't automatically detect it the day you build your site, but if you're savvy about SEO you'll tell Google Search Console your domain/sitemap.xml About Robots.txt ...
Maybe, but it would require more than 15 days tracking in EU.With new GDPR rules we must comply to some rules.
@Ben_O_Brien Hi, it's weird because I confirm it's the opposite : Shopify Flow was locked only for Shopify Plus stores in the past, but now it's available free on all Shopify plans (even Shopify Basic). You can test it yourself and confirm by setting...
Hi, a flow like this would seem ok:  
Hello,With last updates, now you can trigger a lot of flows using time data. This looks like a retargeting email query through Shopify Flow.What solution do you use to send emails? (Native, Shopify Email, else?).This will help for a solution. 
Hi, Looks like you need to organize and clean a bit data.Something like: let userData= [{{email}},variantId:{{product.variantID}}] Try this in array table, and unarray it with something like: let userProfile = json [userData];console.log (userProfile...
Usually product, or order tags can overwrite themselves. But given the unique ID of each order, this is not an issue. It depends the context of where you ask for several services or Id of Shopify 
Tags can be parsed as an array, and Liquid can parse it. So with "contains" in Liquid, you have quite a solution.
Hi, Issue is inventory_stock_level is not available where you ask for it (at order level). Maybe you can make 2 separate flows to fill your Google Sheets.Another way would be to make a private app and query GraphQL directly (you can do it inside Flow...
Your loop seems correct (check if there's your needed data sent), once you have this create a new "then" event in Flow. That is HTTP Request to Klaviyo API to send only the current transaction. I'll follow the post. Basic tutorial of API in Shopify F...
Hello, Shopify Flow doesn't have access to this data, it's not part of the default credentials of Flow. This requires an app to have unauthenticated_write_checkouts access. Can you check this? https://shopify.dev/docs/api/storefront/2022-04/mutations...
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