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If you still want the products to show up in Google results but not show the price, you can remove the price from the JSON-LD on the product pages. Doing so might cause errors in Google Search Console, but will still allow the pages to be indexable. 
You could create an alternate product template with {% layout none %} that simply returns a JSON of the metafields you need built with liquid. I haven't tested, but you then request the JSON using something like: fetch(`/products/[PRODUCT ID]?view=[T...
If you just need to add the item to the cart, this should be possible with the Cart API and some JavaScript and Liquid. Haven't fully tested, but the code below should work - you just need to replace the variant ID variables with the correct IDs. The...
Is there a way to prevent the page from refreshing after a customer clicks the submit button on a contact form? I've created a modal window for the contact form on certain product pages, but when the user clicks "Submit", the page refreshes, so the u...
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