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Bio: I build storefronts and apps on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

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If you want to get all product tags, you need to query on the `shop` and you'll get it easily instead of going through products and running loopers on it.{ shop { productTags(first: 250) { edges { node } pageInfo { ...
If you're not using AppBridge CDN, you're on AppBridge v3. If you're on CDN and got app-bridge-react v4 (which is meant as a supplementary tool and not required), which is correct, then you can use `window?.shopify?.loading(BOOL)` to enable/disable t...
I usually only delete session tokens and related stuff when app/uninstalled comes in, all app data on shop/redact and others
For my apps, I use the app/uninstalled to cleanup my database and other content but still retain some user data just in case there was an accidental uninstall. The shop/redact is when I actually remove all shop related data, as required by Shopify an...
So first I would recommend learning how Remix works before you go ahead and build anything with it, or you're gonna be running into walls and it's going to get quiet frustrating.  As far as webhook verification is concerned, and I don't know what end...
Mate you're being charged for your use from 28 March to 17 April, which makes sense. The next month you won't be charged anything since you've uninstalled the app and don't have an active billing plan with them anymore 
Can you double check if your dev store has "Checkout and customer accounts extensibility preview" enabled? That could be one of the reasons you don't see any extensions in your dev store^
I've found this repo to be useful when measuring web vitals for testing Shopify apps web-vitals-extension-shopify-app 
You need to look into using server logs for your app and where you're hosting it. You can either read through the logs or use an external service like Axiom, Logflare or Papertrail to have a stream of your logs. 
If you're looking to do this for picking products, you can just use the resource picker from AppBridge. If you're looking to build your own, I'd create a new modal with a TextField that has a search / filter function on it and uses Resource Item from...
This is because you're on AppBridge v4. Downgrade to v3^ 
The HMAC implementation is specifically for GDPR webhooks. The three GDPR webhooks rely on a separate webhook validation mechanism than the regular ones. I have two examples of the verifyHMAC middleware that I use in production that you can work with...
Using the CDN AppBridge and saw that the `forceRedirect` option is now removed, along with the new `open()` Navigation that allows for opening links outside of the frame.1. What's a viable replacement for `forceRedirect` since that was a really amazi...
I'm going through the documentation and community posts and came across this post that the dev needs to create an external pricing page to offer multi tiered pricing. Ques:1. Is there any documentation on guidelines about creating a pricing page?2. D...
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