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At POS we've been able to easily apply the Membership discount to customers, until recently. Suddenly we have to manually add the discount in, and even when we do that, not all items are discounted, etc. I want to know how to get back to simply hitti...
UPDATE! So When I switched the collection page's banner/layout to "no image" from "default" that made it load. I have NO idea why this made a difference. If anyone has an idea why, great, bring it. I'd love to know. Because all suggestions in Flare A...
I have read every Q on this same topic. I created a series of collections, added it to the navigation and used a direct link to each collection. And nope. The products I placed aren't loading. I followed every protocol:Made sure all collections were ...
The tap and chip reader for my pos system is not charging and will not pair. Please advise.
Alex, that was it! The app trial ended, for some reason, I didn't notice any notifications to upgrade/renew. Thank you so much. What a lifesaver.
Thanks, Alex! Wish List Drawer is the app in App Embeds... It was toggled off, but I put it on. AND I don't think this is a filtering app. Any other ideas? What's next steps 
The top-level navigation on the website I manage, is directed to a new page, but the collection I assigned to each are not loading: (Shop All, Face & Body, Well-being, Lifestyle, Pantry). This problem just popped up. Any ideas?I r...
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