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Hey, I would like to receive an alert whenever a customer ends up on a site that tells him "Oops, something went wrong.". Then I could look into where this customer came from, what error happene...
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Here is the solution for my problem: function createFulfillment(fulfillmentData){readProperties();var options = {"method" : "POST","contentType":"application/json","headers" : {'X-Shopify-Access-Token': token},'payload' : JSON.stringify({"fulfillment...
Hey RobZone, thanks for the help! The first request works fine but with the second one I got the following errorException: Request failed for returned code 406Your Link is bringing me to the section "Re...
Hello, we are forced to update our custom app with the FulfillmentService. What we do right now is requesting a lable and a shipping Id from our shiiping provider and than fulfill the order like this:  function postFullflillment(orderID, trackingNum,...
Hey Michael, It's still not marked as required and there is also no response_format mentioned in the doc. Can you give me an example what formats are valid? Thanks a lot
Any Idea why I get this error {"errors":{"fulfillment_service":"Required parameter missing or invalid"}}?There are no required parameter for creating a new fulfillment service or am I wrong ? var headers = { 'X-Shopify-Access-Token': token,'Content-T...
Hey, I'm also confused what the callback URL is about. To make things clear I'm not an Shopify Expert but I'm always trying to figure out the stuff on my own. But here I think I just don't get the full picture. Why do I need to communicate via a call...
Unfortunately, Shopify is not very helpful regarding this request. Please let me know, in case this gets solved for you @URLify-me 
We have the same issue and don't know how to find the root cause. Could someone from Shopify pick this up?
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