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This is not related to Shopify specifically, but came to our attention when one of our clients customer experienced this, and it's new to us (though probably not 'new'... The reason for drawing ...
Hi all I have an app in review which was passed back with the request that the app automatically adds itself to the merchant's theme template. I'm a little uncomfortable about this on the ba...
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If you don't ship outside the UK then definitely just stock a book...
In the case of the EU, then, it's actually more straightforward; if rates are set according to the shipping address, and VAT rates change across the EU ( then you don't k...
I'm going to throw in my second tuppenceworth. This is likely specific to UK merchants, but may assist EU merchants also. The issue, I think, is that most merchants are viewing gift cards as only being single-purpose vouchers. The definition of this ...
@RickyMarou - can you update this thread once you have confirmation from BT that this issue has been resolved, please. TIA.
For my carrier service, in the event that no rate is available for a purchase, how should the return rate values be shaped? Returning null values just prompts the user to complete the already completed address details, but what I want to invoke is th...
Did  you ever get a resolution to this?
Hi Andy - I'm interested in knowing if you have an update on this too... 
I think, in that case, you may need to look at many more themes! @Jason is absolutely correct - you can't make any assumptions here at all. Also, just to throw a further spanned in your works, each theme developer is not only open to creating the dom...
There is no universal element in the dom for holding a product: the theme designer can name that whatever they want. There is, quite literally, nothing universal about themes - when a theme gets a product it's just an object.{become+a+partner+aw+appdevelopers+branded}&BOID=brand&gclid=CjwKCAjwgOGCBhAlEiwA7FUXki8VU25vGWPHRwUCo...
Also - the page will have the current_tags applied: 
I'm still not 100% on what you're after, however - bear in mind that even though each product can be arrived at in a myriad of ways it always has a canonical URL output in the html for the product page (<link rel="canonical" href="...">) - does this ...
Indeed. You'll find that most apps target a specific dom element which is added to a location on a page, since every theme is different and there's no guarantee that any other dom element is consistent everywhere. You'll also need to be self containe...
Hi DanielSorry - beyond quick looks at things I'm afraid I can't spare the time required for a detailed inspection - pretty sure there will be someone who could do an audit and provide recommendations here though.At the end of the day, the main recom...
We found a near identical case yesterday - I've been chatting to Zapiet (as that's where we first noticed it), and they confirm that they also believe this to be a Shopify bug related to multi-currency changes. In our case, if delivery was set to pic...
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