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Hi, Scenario : I select a product with a size variant and then click on a button ( buy now button) that button bring a modal box and in modal box i have option to buy two different products wi...
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Hey @Rochelle6655  1. Changing the Blog URL:Go to Online Store > Blog posts in your Shopify admin.Open the blog post titled "Heels and Elbows."Look for the "URL and handle" section, and edit the "URL" to remove any unwanted parts.Save the changes.2. ...
Hey @jeremymac  To handle email subscriptions for paying members who've unsubscribed, you'll need to:Remove them from your subscribers list manually. Email subscriber list managementManage their subscription details. Managing subscriptionsEnsure they...
Hey @RyuZangetsu What is the password for
Hey @Karolis_4  To access your DNS settings in Shopify, go to Settings > Domains in your Shopify admin. Click on the domain you want to configure, then click Domain settings > Edit DNS settings. For more details, check out this guide. Thanks 
@Cyrus_Neutrovis, You need to add some CSS for the mobile version. Can you share your store URL?
Hey @Uptodate21  Unfortunately, adding a birthday field to client registration in Shopify POS without an additional cost may not be possible. However, you can consider an alternative approach by encouraging customers to register online through your M...
Hey @BogdanAndrei , You can use the "Locksmith" app on Shopify to restrict access to specific pages or products based on certain conditions. This can help you control which collaborators have access to specific information without manually managing i...
Hey @noregretsuae , There is clear warning about the SSL is pending. Please remove the record point red in the screen shot and then try again in few hours.
Hey @Nalinda , In Klaviyo you should select “Static” instead of “Dynamic”, select “Other” domains and you will then be given the option to enter CNAME instead of NS which is what is in Shopify acceptThanks
Hey @NdeezPlanet , You can visit this link that contain information for the payment gateways in pakistan  Thanks
Hey @adelne , If your theme setting not allow you to change the mega menu color then i we can achieve this with custom css. Share your website url , based on your website i can create custom css for you. Thanks
Hey @epoll24  The code show that the second image is selected as main image. Although it should be the first image with is-selected class. If the code is fine and you have no  problem with other products then for this product you may delete all image...
Hey,Sorry if it's not your website.  The problem is with SSL. can you share the your domain settings screenshot ? 
Hey @ahass108 , No, shopify not consume such amount of ram.  You may try...Clear browser cache and cookies.Try a different browser or update Edge.Disable extensions and check in incognito mode.Identify resource-intensive elements in Shopify backend.A...
Hey @BottleLady , Absolutely, Shopify can display 3D models with transparency. Just ensure your model meets Shopify's technical requirements, To show a 3D model with transparency on Shopify, you'll need to:Use a theme that supports 3D models (like Cr...
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