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Endicia is the PC postage provider for USPS labels printed from our Shopify store. We are billed by Shopify and Shopify pays Endicia, so when USPS asks for the Account ID to do an Automate...
Help will be greatly appreciated. Always before, when fulfilling an order, the information at the top looked like the top two images and displayed the tracking # with the current tracking status: U...
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Received the following Update email at 8:00 pm today from my ticket Support Advisor, it appears their Developer is hard at work trying to find the issue. I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to provide you with an update regarding the ongoing i...
I have photo evidence and a post office receipt showing the weight of the packages were 0 lbs 4.7 oz and I paid for labels with a weight of 0 lb 8 oz. When they first started the USPS Price adjustments it took forever to get the mistake fixed, since ...
Thank you and found the chat. Previously (2020) the chat logs were emailed to our store email address.
Same thing happed to me $22.00 charges because the stated package weight was 0.5 lb and actual weight was 0.31 lb.Tried to deal with this via chat and was told by Raziel that a copy of the chat would be sent to me but instead I received an email sayi...
We have the same problem and completely agree this is not good. Shopify needs to get this fixed!
My solution was to use PayPal Shipstation - stamps endicia and all went smoothly and the package is on its way to my customer.
Dimensions were always written L x W x H but now it seems the USPS has eliminated width and replaced it with height and now has depth as the last dimension.  So my Length is 8.25" and height is 6.75" and depth is 3"250 First-Class Package Internation...
I'm having the same issue but the customer is from Canada. The local post office verified nothing has changed with USPS First Class Package International.
Package value is $67.59.Box size 8.75" x 6.75" x 3" and total weight is 1.3625 pounds
Shows shipping method customer paid and services I can chooseShows my shipping options for Canada under Settings
Hi Dirk, Yes I have checked all that and verified all of those things and I still am unable to choose the service.I just shipped using the same service to Canada earlier this month.
Thank you. I too was able to print First Class International Package labels several times this month and one was on July 22, 2022 to the Netherlands.I have opened a ticket and will let you know what I find out too.
On Friday July 22, 2022 my customer paid for his package to Canada choosing First Class Package International.Today that shipping option shows but I am unable to choose it.Help Please ASAP.Thank you.
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