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Is anyone hearing this at Shopify? This is a giant problem and was handled by my previous e-commerce platform as a native feature. I didn't have to pay an extra monthly fee for a new application. It had a simple spot to add product dimensions and the...
Some of you may have noticed that a new shipping option recently popped up called UPS Ground Saver. This new option has caused two days of lost productivity and several angry customers for my small company, so I wanted to hopefully save some of you f...
Yes! We are having issues with the order dates being incorrect as well. I was looking at the Shopify app on my iPad and it showed that we had an outstanding order from last Wednesday afternoon; however, when my associate looked on her computer the ne...
Yes! I have a similar question. I notice that when I buy something from a merchant that uses Square (and other systems), my customer info is automatically saved and then brought up in their system the next time I check out. I don't know why Shopify d...
Is there still no built-in Shopify solution for this issue? I just received an order for 26 bottles of our balsamics and oils, which will need to be shipped in 5+ boxes, yet the customer only paid for the shipping of 1 of those boxes. I am going to l...
I'm not sure which category to add this to because it applies to several. Here's the crux of the issue... I needed to quickly send an email to customers in Washington State to let them know our company would not be at a festival today as planned. Pla...
We have several wholesale customers that we create draft orders for, yet Shopify does not visibly take those items added to the draft order out of inventory. After doing some testing, I realized that a customer can't ultimately buy an out of stock it...
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