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Does anyone know where to place this Bing URL and Content Submission API Code?
Hello Where does the code go for the store to push page updates out to Bing? The code appears on the page header when it is placed in, well, in the header.
The manufacturers product number (MPN) is required in order for products to appear in Google Shopping (according to the Google Rep). A product with multiple variants, however, will have multipl...
Does the buy button work on our own store blogs? I attempted to post the code to a product into a Shopify Blog Post there and it didn't not display.
A vendor has modified the product pages for their items in my Shopify Store so that the content is the very same as it is on the sites of their other sellers, horrible for SEO and site security.&nbsp...
Google Merchant Center is warning that the entry I have in the size field in the Google Shopping App for a t-shirt with multiple colors and sizes is not cool. I've tried dividing the sizes with...
How do I get the menu to display with the nested submenus collapsed until a visitor clicks the plus symbol to expand one? It is already working with other menus at my site, but does not work wi...
My supplier charges $4.99 to ship a single product to a customer within the United States and $1.50 more for each additional product. That same supplier charges $7.50 to ship a single product w...
All of the junior links display along with the senior menu whenever a user visits my site at iGifterz.com. I only want the senior menus to display and the junior ones collapsed, displaying only...
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This post is two weeks old, but this answer might help someone else.Here's a work around that worked for me.  Follow the instructions to add a supplemental feed in Google Merchant Center.  Cell A1, the uppermost left header in your Google Sheet, shou...
Hi Maryanne Some time has passed since you posted these questions. Were you successful at getting past the warnings? Are your products now appearing in surfaces across Google? I am having the same problems, but am taking steps to clear the warnings (...
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