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The site seem works normally. You should check your browser, clear cache or try with another device.
Thanks, I wil try it
I have checked your store, every image seems at high quality, I did not find any faint image. Have you tried with other internet connection yet?
Hi @himanshuhkm I'd like to recommend you try Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards. The app seems to be customizable so that you can easily take advantage of it. Zinrelo Loyalty programs allow you to improve the profitability as well as boost the revenue. You can...
Hi @Kaifisher I've visited your store, it looks quite simple and boring. I think you should redesign your store. Also, to get more sales, you should have a return & refund policy page, shipping policy, term & conditions, ... For more, you can read he...
Hi @AbwaEric It's not easy to launch the first store for newbies, so you should follow the guides below, they will tell you step-by-step to launch a Shopify store successfully.How To Launch or Publish Shopify Store?19+ Checklist Before Launching Shop...
Hi @KawaiiTreasure This issue is quite common with online stores, there are some reasons for this. To make sure what is the problem, you should check your store again. By the way, I'd like to recommend you have a look at this post: How to Optimize Co...
Hi @poshclub Setting up a Shopify store can be overwhelming, which is the reason why you need a checklist. A checklist will organize those bazillion things in your mind so that you don’t have to run around aimlessly as the launch day is coming close....
Hi @Ahmed864 I think this 6 tips for optimizing conversion rate for Shopify stores would be useful for you in this case.Hope it helps!
Thanks for sharing, I want to contribute one more guide for you: How to hide product prices temporarily in Shopify, 
Hi I think this guide: How to Change Product Image Size in Shopify will be useful for you in this case.Hope it helps!
There are many methods to contact with Shopify support team, for the details, you can read here. 
Hi @Maiposa I found this guide on AVADA Commerce about How to change the account owner's profile? Hope this guide can help.
It's impossible. You can create a redirect to let users see the content of but when they enter, the subdomain will be redirected and change to it helps!
Hi It's just one week, it takes time to get sales so I think you should be patient, while waiting for first sales, you should read this post.
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