On the product admin page I want to add an custom field where I can enter the supplier's product code, the SKU I already use for my own records. I don't want it to show on the customer facing ...
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Hi ImogenIt is products > purchase orders.  I create purchase orders from my suppliers rather than transfer so I can enter cost information.  When in the purchase order and you go to add products this window pops up.  Most of my products have variant...
Yes, and it is driving me nuts.  Almost all my products have variants and it is so hard to see them.
No I'm not using the barcode field but I sync with eBay and won't thatcause a problem in eBay if I put my own barcode there?
Hi Jon, I don't need to see the field in the POS, just in Shopify itself so when placing an order with a supplier I know their SKU for the product. 
I can't find an answer to this question anywhere in the forum.I use my supplier's SKU in each products SKU field however I want to create my own SKU as I will be putting in on the product labels for easy POS identification and don't want my customers...
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