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Hi @round thanks for your reply.   i mean a slightly idea I have how it works. This is my idea (not sure if it works)  "type": "font_picker","id": "heading_font","label": "Heading font","default": "old_standard_tt_n4"} "type": "font_picker","id": "t...
Hey @round , thanks heaps for your answer. Sorry for being a complete **bleep**: (Ive never done any coding in my life) I found the box you mentioned. (See the screenshot)  What do I need to change to have following 3 fonts integrated in the "Dawn-Th...
Hey hermano @round Thanks for your message. Could you please explain me where I can find this Box to insert the code?  When I try to insert the code into the css (in the editor) following error comes up: "Session in the online store editor cannot be ...
Hey Shopify Community,  I just upgraded to Onlineshop 2 (Dawn).  Before I used the Theme Brooklyn and had 3 different fonts. (Title, accent text and flow text) Now, it seems in the "Dawn-Theme" that there are just 2 options to choose from. Is it poss...
Thank you for the answer it works now  I was about to put some testimonials on the website these days. How Would you put the star rating below the product? With an application?  Kind regards  
Thank you for the answer  
Thanks legend! @Made4uo-Ribe  =))) it worked!  Have a blessed day. Kind regards Julian 
ENGLISH/German:  Hey Community  I just switched from Brooklyn to OS 2.0 Theme: Dawn.On the About US page and the other pages I have now installed small preview images.Unfortunately, gray rectangular frames now appear. (this was not the case in the o...
Thank you so much @Made4uo-Ribe Your a legend!! 
Hello again @Made4uo-Ribe  may I ask a similar question please?I added 4 individual graphics at my ABOUT US Page above the headlines. Now I want to delete the extra spacing again.  The code you recommended to me the last time does not work here unfor...
@Gabe Tausend Dank mein Bester für die schnelle Rückmeldung. Favicon sieht super aus und die Sitemap habe ich eingereicht. Hoffentlich auch bald auf der Google Suche zu sehen. Beste Grüße und einen schönen Tag wünsche ich Dir!   VG Julian 
Mate @Made4uo-Ribe  you are truly a magican!  Thank you so much it worked straight away. Thanks heaps!! God bless you and I wish you an amazing day !  Saludos Julian  
HI @Gabe du bist ein Macher! Das sieht ja mega aus *_* Ich habe nun mal das Logo, ein goldenes Pferd, hinterlegt als Favicon. Eventuell switche ich noch zum C das gefällt mir auch sehr gut! Wann taucht das denn in Google auf bei der Suche?  Viele Grü...
Hi @Made4uo-Ribe + @smd61  quick question to a similar topic - maybe you could help me out please? I would love to delete some of the spacing on my About US pages. (Theme: Brooklyn) Attached are two screenshots.
Hallo @Gabe  danke für das nette und anschauliche Video, ich werde in den nächsten Wochen mal an der Website schrauben und einige Dinge anpassen. Nun aber nochmal zur ursprünglichen Frage: Wie ändere ich denn diesen "Favicon" nun? (Ohne ein Logo in d...
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