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Hello, The shopify liquid documents state that fulfillment_status_label can be 5 statuses:completefulfilledpartialrestockedunfulfilledI'm wondering if anyone knows how to get an order to show complete. I can get the other 4 statuses to show.
Post your site without the password, preview link, or some Liquid/HTML markup of that specific problem. 
Just check if the "product.tags contains 'your_tag' "
have you found a solution with the checkboxes you wanted?
To clarify, you want to add additional products to cart if a user has those products checked upon clicking 'add to cart'? If so you don't need an app for that. What's your site (& password if needed). 
yep, "Are you getting the same functionality when retrieving a checkout from abandoned checkouts?" via storefront API. Please refer to my question/topic of this thread so we don't have a long thread filled with replies that don't provide additional i...
Yep, my problem is that let checkoutId = window.btoa('gid://shopify/Checkout/181975d0fcfd563cdc24dcd63e3f38ad?key=7c14ae3f55dee33e73fd31e9bbf22d0c'); this.client.checkout.fetch(checkoutId).then((checkout) => { console.log(checkout); });client.che...
Is it possible to retrieve an abandoned checkout found in https://<shop> I'm using Shopify's JavaScript Buy SDK client.checkout.fetch(checkoutId) function to retrieve an abandoned checkout but it returns null.
At this code here:<span class="comp_at_price">€26,00</span> you might be using {{ line_item.original_price }} swap it for {{ line_item.original_line_price }}. line_item.original_line_price should return "line_item.original_price multiplied by line_it...
I see in your store that you have implemented what you're asking for, do you still need help?
I don't see why not. If you're referring to your cart page, you can simply show {{ line_item.price }} with {{ line_item.final_line_price }} below it. I usually look over needed objects here:
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