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Hey guys! I am currently switching from the Venture to Turbo theme on my store. I have actually already customized the theme and made everything ready for launch, the only reason I'm holding off for ...
To clarify i dont just mean a add to cart, or buy now button. I mean shopify buy button used to host products on different sites. I have a different shopify store and I want to embed the buy button f...
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Oh okay isee, well i ended up getting that custom html to work with the .dekstop-mage, however - could you help me set it up so that those images can act as a link? I tried adding <a href="link" before the img src=link, and that made them act as link...
 I have tried following the post as I have the turbo theme, not quite the same as that one, however I was able to find that Image-picker part and changed it within my image-text.liquid; however I have no clue where to place that second part of the co...
@Ninthony Please assist me. I tried using the attached code as a custom HTML on my page and what ended up happening was that only the desktop image appeared on desktop, but the both images displayed on  mobile. I have attached link to screenshots of ...
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