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Can someone explore (or point me to some documentation) for the `include` function that seems to belong to the liquid API. I've seen this function used in several places, but can't find any reference...
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I haven't tried this yet, but I found this in the documentation: https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/auth/oauth/uninstall-app
We are trying to manage a workflow around apps we publish to our own stores. Is there any pathway for deleting/installing apps on stores programmatically?
I am using the shopify app CLI, specifically the `yarn shopify app deploy` comand to deploy Shopify functions. I generated a Partners CLI token so that I can run this within a CI/CD script. But I am getting an error when I run it while supplying both...
So I tried this again. I thought that maybe I needed to provide some additional fields on the product data, so I tried it with data that looked like this: ```{"product": {"body_html": "This is a test product.","title": "Test Product - Single","status...
Thanks @JamesG , I just found that query. Thank you. I learned something else in addition, which is that you can only query that if you have the `read_subscriptions` permission, and that permission isn't available unless you request it (and maybe onl...
Did you ever figure this out? I can't find a scope by this name anywhere.
Yes I'm using the `/admin/api/2021-10/products.json` endpoint. 
I want to use the `publishPublishable` mutation from the GraphQl Admin API, but I don't know how to acquire the `publicationId`s of my sales channels. Can anyone help? https://shopify.dev/api/admin-graphql/2021-07/mutations/publishablePublish
The `publishPublishable` mutation asks for a `publicationId`, see here: https://shopify.dev/api/admin-graphql/2021-07/mutations/publishablePublish Where can I acquire the `publicationId`s for my sales channels?
Hmmm, that's not the behavior that I am seeing. I was able to publish a product, but it was only on the "Online Store" sales channel. 
Is there a way to do this with the REST Admin API?
I am looking for a description of what happens when you've actually hit the Storefront GraphQL Api's rate limit. Does it just send back a 429 and no body?
This is a question about how or if one can handle representing a product hierarchy that looks like this: * Product* Product Variant* Product Variant Batch (SKU) <-- How do we describe these in Shopify? To put this into words, the above describes a st...
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