I have a Script flow that I use to discount the lowest cost product of 5 products. However, there is a product type that I don't want a discount applied to. Can you help me?
I should be able to add a new Author name from the Blog post page. I should not have to first add the user.
Would it be possible to add a page to view all tags used for products?
Many clients of my will run a sale for a week and then combine all the products into a shipment box. Instead of the customer paying for shipping on each order, we delete the shipping rates, and creat...
When we receive an email notification when a customer signs up to be notified when a product is back in stock, we are not able to see the name of the out of stock product that a customer is sub...
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Yea but that's only if you're dealing with 1 level of discount tiers.. What if your dealing with 3 levels of discounts?
If you would like assistance with this, I can help you setup a new discount app https://apps.shopify.com/custom-tiered-discount I am friends with their developer team as well.
I can assist you to remove that line of code if you need assistance, feel free to send a message.
Hi @jpp3812 You can setup Free International Shipping in your Settings>Shipping & Delivery>General ProfileOnce you are there scroll down till you see your Shipping Zone, likely named Domestic. If you want to add the Rate "Free International Shipping"...
No they do not, but you can find spin the wheel discount tools on the app store.
Hello,  If you would like help to get these tasks done quickly, please send me an email to info@rnrmediagrp.com and I'll help you get them done asap. Regards,Remy
If you need help customizing your store's wholesale look. Create anadditional store under your plus account, and walla problem solved!
The solution was given. If you need assistance feel free to email me info@rnrmediagrp.com
Use an app called order and product fees. Should do the trick.
You would think that if Shopify truly wanted to help their customers they would just simply have their developers add the option just as easy to Flat Custom Rates. I mean all I want to do is add a simple box fee..
Send me an email and we discuss info@rnrmediagrp.com
I had a client who backed out of PLUS solely because wholesale wasn't customizable. He then found 2 apps that basically allowed us to our store into a wholesale store for the $30 plan. Let me know if you need something like this.
Very well put, and I seriously can't believe in all these months Shopify has not cared enough to resolve this matter.
Is it possible to ask the team to allow for some more theme customizations?Like for instance, a Dark or Light Theme would be really helpful. My clients brand is all black.Also the ability to change the grid layout product count per page and products ...
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