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You do not need to create a separate app.  The fulfillment App in this scenario is "Your fulfillment Service" This is the correct steps.1) When a shopify shop installs your shopify App.You need to add this shop to your "fulfillment service"; Create a...
If you intent to fulfill orders on behalf of one or more stores, it is necessary that you create a fulfillment service. Payload of new fulfillment service for a shop looks like this. array( "name" => "Fulfillment Servi...
Fulfillment is part of the new fulfillment order API new fulfillment API above has not been deprecated The old fulfillment API was deprecated, not the new one.
You need to create a fulfillment for a fulfillment order. fulfillment will have the tracking details and line items to fulfill, see the resources above for more details. 
You cannot pass two locations, you have to fulfill the orders per location. Which version of the API are you using? 2022-07 1) You need to get the order "Fulfillment Order" array$s...
You need to upgrade your API version to 2022-07 or better still 2022-10.I assume you have fulfillment service and all the inventories are in the location created by your fulfillment service.Let's say you want to fulfill a shopify order with Order Id:...
Firstly, you need to create a "Fulfillment Service" for your store. To fulfill the orders, you need to1) Get list of fulfillment orders$shopify_order_id/fulfillment_orders.json2) For each...
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