Hi guys. Can someone help me please? The logo image is just too small. www.petite-belle.com
Hello guys. Hoping someone could help here please. We won an award and would love to add an image at the bottom (footer area), but not sure how to go about with it. My website is www.petite-belle.com...
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Hello. My website is www.petite-belle.com It would be great if you could help me solve this. I'm not really sure what you meant about structured feed. This is all pretty new to me. Many thanks!
I'm not sure why I'm still having problem with Google GTIN missing value even though I've already inserted the EAN under barcode on Shopify. I've spoken to customer support on Google and they said this is Shopify's problem. It looks like Google can't...
Hello Kimi We are based in the U.K. and already selling on FB and Instagram. Not sure why it’s not working for Tik Tok. Any advice please? 
Hi. Not sure why it says I’m not eligible for Tik Tok shopping. Please see attached screenshot. Many thanks.  
Sorry I think I've found the solution. Thank you all the same! 
Hello. My customers can't check out with Paypal on my site. It says "technical reasons". Can someone help please? I've deactivated and reactivated the payment option but it's still showing the same error message. Please see attached image. My website...
Hello OllieThank you for getting back to me. It was my mistake because I was suppose to leave it for 24-48 hours for the items to appear on SHOP. They are slowly popping up now so hopefully, they will all be on it soon. 
Hi. I've just added SHOP as one of my sales channel. Does it take a while for the products in my shop to show on the SHOP app on my mobile? All available products have been added to that sales channel and yet, it still says no products have been adde...
Thank you so much for your help!
Hello. Can someone shed some light on how to increase the font size slightly for the prices please? Many thanks.Aqua Aerobics Tee by Tinycottons - Petite Belle UK (petite-belle.com) 
You're a star! Thanks so much!
Sorry I should have asked about this too. How can I remove the "Shipping calculated at checkout" under the price please? 
Thank you so much for your help! It worked! 
Hi. This is what we have been told to do by Clearpay. To paste this JS code at the end of our theme.liquid file. So it is not on our product template. How do we proceed please? Many thanks.<!-- Begin Shopify-Clearpay JavaScript Snippet (v1.0.10) -->{...
Hi again.  As shown in attached picture, how can I move the Clearpay message to the bottom of the sale price please? Many thanks.Link to page is Blue Apples Collar Sweatshirt by Hugo Loves Tiki - Petite Belle UK (petite-belle.com) 
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