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Bio: Building high-quality web apps and websites were always my passion. With over 7+ years of experience in the Front-End Development field, I worked on o...

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Yeah I believe the above solution I stated worked good for me
Hey @asamlaksa have you managed to fix the issue? I'm having a rather strange similar issue on my end. The extension keeps trying to load the cloudflare tunnel URL from local development setup even though I've disabled developer preview. Tried reinst...
Hi Liam, thanks for your reply.No that is not helpful. If I cannot use "after" in the query, I think pagination is useless here. Do you know of any other way to fetch ALL product types?
 I have this piece of GraphQL query: query AllProductTypes ($cursor: String) { productTypes(first: 250, after: $cursor) { edges { node cursor } pageInfo { hasNextPage } } }Error: Field 'productTypes' doesn't accep...
In case anyone needs I think this could work: (if not using Multipass):
Hello guys!Just started a clean install of Hydrogen:Run:npx create-hydrogen-app npm i npm run dev Got this error:entry-server.jsx could not be loaded. This likely occurred because of a Vite compilation error. Please check your server logs for more in...
Hello guys!I'm using NGROK for development preview. After I make some changes on the server and restart it the app gets into endless redirect loop without content displaying anything (blank)...  After I go through OAuth Process by testing app on a de...
I'm trying to implement Shopify multi currency with using JS - so no SSR option. I am able to make a switch to desired currency by appending: ?currency=USD to the URL and also I can notice a cookie being updated: "cart_currency". Although when I wann...
Hey there!Please share the URL to the website,
Hello!In this case I think the best solution is to get in touch with Shopify Support via their online chat. They should be able to solve your issue immediately. luck!
Can you also share the URL of the website? and code snippet you added here for the reviews? The code is not readable this way.
Awesome! Glad I could help!
Since your main purpose is filtering. With some simple coding you could make collection page filters to work by tags. So then you would need to assign relevant tags to your products and then filter them by tags.Maybe your theme even supports tag filt...
Is the new template located on non-live theme? If it is you may need to create it in live theme (it can be blank) and then assign it to the page. You should be able to see it then under "Templates".If it's not in the test theme then please share the ...
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